My Location


I am now the proud possessor of my very own elite, elegant, discreet studio of domination!

I have spent many, many years playing in playspaces owned by others, and I am using that accumulated knowledge to build a studio that is the perfect setting for my desires and my style. My scrupulously clean private space is in a professional building in a bustling downtown Bay Area business district. It is fifteen minutes from downtown San Francisco, approximately thirty minutes from SFO, and fifteen minutes from OAK airport. You’ll find it is an easy two block walk from BART, half a block from a taxi stand, and close to several secure parking garages.

My large penthouse loft has multiple play spaces with different themes:

Age players, spanking aficionados, and ladies of all genders will particularly enjoy my Parlor. The couch folds down into a bed with secure bondage attachment points for spanking, tickling, or worse. The armoire is full of wonderful crossdressing options, including lingerie and clothing, makeup, multiple wigs in a variety of colors, lengths, and styles, and an array of stiletto heels in a full range of sizes from 9 to 14. Cabinets and shelves display and store books, objets d’art, toys, and gear. Some of my vintage equestrian tack is displayed around the Parlor, including boots, spurs, and the hunt seat saddle that is often astride the Sonny Black spanking horse.  I’m happy to set the saddle aside to fasten you securely across the horse, instead, however!

My newly built Medical Examination Room is fully furnished for the most invasive procedures and the most embarrassing tests. The display shelves showcase my collection of vintage hospital equipment, and the classic height-and-weight scale will transport you to the doctor’s office of yore… Climb up on the vintage exam table, put your feet in the steel stirrups, hear the crinkle of exam table paper under your back, and remember that this is all for your own good.  Open wide and say “ahh!”

The first thing you will notice when you step into my Dungeon is the life-sized, 5’ x 7’ x 7’ custom-built steel jail cell. After you tear your eyes from that commanding object, you’ll find 12’ ceilings, a standing wooden bondage frame with two chain hoists that allow suspension bondage or support of a floating table platform, an assortment of restraints to immobilize you, a sling, a cage, a vintage rolling adjustable gurney, heavy wooden hanging stocks, “The Device” (an unusual immobilizing stockade on wheels),  and an absolutely decadent assortment of high-quality leather and steel bondage gear and toys. Aficionados will likely notice the Venus 2000, the electric suction apparatus,  and the Eros-tek devices. And yes, there are echoing floors that my heels will tap crisply upon, and a wall of mirrors!

We can enjoy treats or a cup of tea prepared in the charming Kitchenette (or possibly a spanking with a wooden spoon for a certain sort of traditionalist), and when it is time, you’ll discover that the lovely Bathroom is reminiscent of one you’d find in a boutique hotel– well stocked with fragrance-free bath products as well as huge fluffy towels for after your shower. Need tutoring? In the Classroom Nook, you might be bent over the teacher’s heavy oak desk for your educational caning or paddling, then sit your well-warmed bottom in the student chair and write out your assignment on the chair’s attached desktop…

And, of course, I have wrestling mats that I can spread out on the floor for a tussle you will undoubtedly enjoy losing. I’m also delighted to have nearly forty cubic feet of space dedicated to the organized storage of my miles of colorful rope, cordage, and webbing, so whatever material I might desire is right at my fingertips for restraining, decorating, presenting, or suspending you!


I do also have the privilege of sessioning in various other play spaces in San Francisco and in the East Bay.  If visiting me in my personal studio is a challenge to you because of distance limitations or mobility issues, I can potentially arrange our session to occur in an accessible environment in Oakland or in San Francisco. Please let me know if that is an issue!

Email Me:  MssTatiana (AT) gmail (DOT) com