Contact, Availability, & Rates



To book a session, send polite, articulate email to  MssTatiana (AT) gmail (DOT) com. While I don’t require that you avoid capital letters or use the third person when referring to yourself, I do recommend that you proofread your email! I normally check my email daily, but please remember that I enjoy hiking, backpacking and motorcycle travel. On rare occasions, I’ll simply be out of range and unable to respond for several days. (Since despite our best efforts, emails do occasionally get lost in the ether or caught in the spam filters, if your polite, respectful missive hasn’t garnered a response from me in a week, I recommend re-sending it!)

Include the following information:

  • What sort of session you are hoping to do.
  • What experience you have, and with whom.
  • Verifiable contact information for two Ladies with whom you’ve sessioned in the past who would be willing to vouch for you.
  • When you are hoping to see me, including possible days and times.
  • Why you think we’d be a good match.
  • Where you saw my contact information or my ad.


When were you hoping to see me?  I strongly recommend giving me several possible dates and times from which to choose. My schedule varies a great deal from week to week, and because I do my sessions in a space I have control over, there are no outside limitations on my potential session times. Remember, the further in advance you make your request, the more likely it is that I will be available.  I generally need at least a week to arrange our first session, which will allow me time to check your references.   Sessions do book up early, and I’m only able to see a limited number of people in any week!

My Standard Rates

1 hour         $270

2 hours       $520

3 hours       $760

4 hours       $1,000

6 hours      $1,500

(Overnight and extended sessions available.  Please inquire!)

N.B. : On  Rescheduling

(I realize that in spite of your best efforts, sometimes last minute schedule changes are unavoidable.  Appointments which are cancelled within 24 hours of our meeting incur a 25% cancellation fee. Cancellations within 12 hours incur a 50% fee.)

Email Me:  MssTatiana (AT) gmail (DOT) com