Skills, Equipment, & Sessions


Rope Bondage:

  • Bondage varying from formal Japanese bondage to freeform erotic ropework
  • Rope of any diameter- from dental floss on up!
  • Tubular webbing
  • Tied body harnesses
  • Full and Partial Suspension

Leather Restraints

  • Leather bondage wrist and ankle cuffs, thigh cuffs, arm sleeves
  • Leashes, Collars, Posture Collars
  • Assorted bondage straps

Metal Bondage:

  • 7′ x 5′ x 7′ Steel Jail Cell
  •  Chain and locks
  • Standing metal cage
  • Metal law-enforcement style restraints
    • Including wrists, ankles, waists, thumbs, etc
    • I collect:
      • Hyatt
      • Peerless
      • Clejuso
      • Smith & Wesson
      • American Handcuff Company

Encasement and Sensory Deprivation :

  • Hoods and masks
    • multiple styles and sizes
    • styles include one piece, zip, lace-up, buckled
    • solid leather, perforated leather, lycra, rubber, inflatable
  • Leather body bag, rubber body bag
  • Leather straitjacket, classic canvas straitjacket
  • Leather mitts
  • Leather arm sleeves
  • Basketweave leather strap cage
  • Pallet wrap mummification
  • Earplugs and muffs, blindfolds, and more

Domestic, Feminization, and Age Play sessions:

  • Auntie/Schoolmarm/ Governess/ Pediatrician/MILF
  • Sissy play
  • AB/DL play
  • Hypno-Regression
  • Cross Dressing/Feminization
  • Sex Education/Puberty Classes
  • Naptime/Overnights secure in the adult sized pink-curtained Kiddie Koop

Impact play:

  • Barehand and Gloved-hand Spanking
  •  OTK, Spanking Horse, Prone and other positions
  • Caning
  • Flogging
  • Paddling
  • Singletailing

Wrestling, Strength, and Muscle Worship sessions:

  • Semi-competitive or fantasy wrestling
  • Flexing and muscle worship
  • Pins, holds, and containments
  • Butt, Breast, or Body Smothering
  • “Crushing/Squashing”, Headsqueezing, and Scissor Torture sessions

Medical play:

  • Examinations:  clinical, invasive, or playful
  • Percussive therapeutic treatments
  • Medical depilation and shaving
  • Enemas and clysters
  •  Psych Unit, Gyno/Proctology Clinic, or School Nurse Office Roleplay


  • sounding (Dittel, rosebud or Van Buren)
  • catheterizing (single use disposable, Foley or straight)
  • other urethral torture
  • Clamps, bondage, impact and stretching
  • Ball Kicking and Ball/Peritoneum Knee Strikes
  • Venus 2000 (with your private receiver tube)
    • We can arrange a measuring session!

Electrical play:

  • cattle prods and stun guns
  • violet wand
  • alpha-wave trainer
  • Erostek unit

Fire play:

  • Torches
  • Wax play
  • Firecupping
  • Branding

Chastity, KeyHolder, and Orgasm Control Play 

Trampling, Foot Worship, and Shoe or Boot Worship

Nipple Bondage and Torture

Administering Golden Showers

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