Who are you?


If you’re going to make me very happy, you’ll be friendly and articulate, whether you’re an experienced player who knows and can express what really makes S/M work for you, or a novice who is willing to let me help you explore.

You can be male, female, or somewhere in between.  I love playing with individuals, and I’m very good with couples!

You have discretion, good hygiene, and respect for me, my time, and my boundaries.

You can be a heavy masochist or nothing of the sort.  You can be a fetishist, a slut, or someone who wants to make me a gift of submission.

You are someone who does your best to be honest, clear, open, and flexible with your pre-session negotiation and your communication while we play.  So am I!

Email Me:  MssTatiana (AT) gmail (DOT) com