Who am I?

I am Mistress Tatiana Belodyne, but in session, you, my dear, may address me as “Ma’am”.

You may think I’ve just stepped out of the Eric Stanton drawing of your dreams.  You know those images.  The iconic Lady is tall, shapely, powerful, with gorgeous legs that stretch for miles from high stiletto heels up to a curvily muscular derrière.  She has a tiny waist, full perky natural D cup breasts, and strong, broad shoulders. This Lady’s a natural blonde, too, with unshaven golden curls under the arms and golden hair dusted lightly over those long legs to prove it. Topping it all off, she has short elegant wavy hair, green eyes, and a perfect red Cupid’s bow of a mouth.

You’re not dreaming; here I am.

The outside is quite a package: 5’8″ of elegant, strong, lush yet athletic woman. What is on the inside is even sexier, though: I’m articulate, playful, caring, competent, intelligent, ethical, well educated, and when it comes to fantasy play, I’m both passionate and knowledgeable.

Email Me:  MssTatiana (AT) gmail (DOT) com